Renowned journalist Edna Schmidt has passed away. Her colleagues react to the sad news.

During this Thursday, June 24, the death of Edna Schmidt, one of the journalists of Univisión and Telemundo, was reported

USA. –  Edna Schmidt is a Puerto Rican journalist who was born on August 8, 1969, and unfortunately lost her life in 2021, leaving great mourning on famous television networks such as Telemundo and Univisión.

Edna Schmidt has died, according to a ” “Despierta América ” post on Instagram. The journalist who worked at Univision and Telemundo died but the causes of her death have not yet been confirmed.

Schmidt was one of the best-known faces in news to America’s Latino audiences. She had recently reappeared to denounce the bad treatment she had received years ago when she had been fired for her alcohol problems. The journalist also spoke of how difficult the year after the loss of her mother had been.

” I feel nostalgic, this year has been very hard, I lost my mom, and it has not been easy, but like you, we are oaks,” Edna said in April this year during an interview with Neida Sandoval.

In the interview with Neida Sandoval this year, Edna said that she had felt betrayed when she was fired in the middle of her battle with alcohol.

“So many things, hypocrisy, the stab, because it is true that I had that little problem that I had, but what hurt me the most was that in those people, who thought I could trust, they stabbed me in the back like you don’t. you imagine and that hurts, “she said. “But I always say, God takes care of those people, because what is done here is paid for.”

It was in 2011 when Schmidt was fired from Univision after finding her drunk in the company’s parking lot. After undergoing several treatments where she was interned, the Puerto Rican journalist returned to the media at the Telemundo affiliate in Chicago. Her time there was short as two years later she ended up suing them for discrimination.

Edna Schmidt Died
Edna Smith and her late fiance. Photo: Mezcalent

In the best moment of their careers within Univision, lived very difficult moments in the personal sphere. Edna was engaged to be married when her partner had a sudden death.

Schmidt began her journalism career in Puerto Rico, before moving to Chicago in 19992 to work with WGBO-TV, a local Spanish-speaking station. And before coming to Univision, she built a career in Miami, Florida with Telefutura’s “Noticias al Minuto”.

In addition to her journalistic work, Schmidt was popular for her fashion sense and unique outfits, including iconic brooches, flowers, and bold textures, that she wore while presenting the news.

The award-winning journalist also shone on the screen of Univisión and Telefutura. Rest in peace.

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