Joshua Farrakhan Death: Son of Louis Farrakhan Unexpectedly Passed Away At Age 64

Joshua Farrakhan was the son of honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his mother, Khadijah Farrakhan. He was a prominent figure in the Nation of Islam and influenced many people with the teachings of Islam, which positively impacted the community. The recent news of Joshua Farrakhan’s death has shattered the Nation of Islam community, which was then followed by heartfelt condolences to him and his family, along with the admiring of Joshua’s positive character.

Who was Joshua Farrakhan?

Joshua Farrakhan was the son of Louis Farrakhan, who was a prominent religious personality and black nationalist of the United States. Joshua followed in his father’s footsteps and became a significant figure in the Nation of Islam, where he showed his multifaceted roles in pioneering all the challenges the organization has to endure for advocating human rights and justice. Joshua, like his family, was extensively involved in social justice, spiritual enlightenment, and activism throughout his life. The sudden death of Joshua Farrakhan left the Nation of Islam with a significant loss, and the community is uniting on the Nation of Islam platform to console each other during this difficult time, which reflects the nation of Islam’s solidarity and unity.

Who is Louis Farrakhan?

Louis Farrakhan is a prominent religious black nationalist and the leader of the Nation of Islam. Louis before becoming a leader of the Nation of Islam, was a calypso singer with his stage name calypso genes. He had also previously served as the minister of mosques in Harlem and Boston. Mohammad Elijah, the leader of the Nation of Islam, appointed him as the National Representative of the Nation of Islam, requesting him to leave his career as the calypso singer. Louis stood with his words and started his journey in the Nation of Islam.

What is the cause of Joshua Farrakhan’s death?

According to the Facebook post of Michael Mikal Saahir, Joshua Farrakhan died on Sunday, 18 November 2023, from a heart attack. He died at the age of 64 and left behind his family in deep mourning and heartbroken.

Obituary and funeral

Obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared later by family members.

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