John Brown Death: The Former CEO Of Agoda Committed Suicide

John Brown was known as the former CEO and chairperson of Agoda, who served his duty as CEO of Agoda for almost eleven years and had been significantly associated with Agoda in his career. Recently, it has been reported that the esteemed CEO unexpectedly passed away on November 2023 due to suicide.

Who was John Brown?

John Brown was the chief executive officer of Agoda, an online travel platform. He got his Bachelor of arts in English literature from Yale and later earned his MBA in finance from Wharton School. In 2010, he started his journey in Agoda as vice president and served his leadership role in branding, product, customer experience, partner services, and marketing; his dedication and commitment to the growth of Agoda made him achieve the rank of CPO, and COO and in 2018 he became the CEO of Agoda.

In the 1990s, John Brown volunteered in Lithuania and participated in developing small and big enterprises in Birzai and Vilnius. He also served his duty as the counselor from 2002 to 2008 at Boston ConsultingGroup, where he spent his six years. He was not confined here but also embarked on his journey as the advisor of the minister of commerce for USAID in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2010.
On 1st July 2022, Omri Morgenstern was elected as the new CEO of Agoda, and John Brown ended his eleven years of Journey as CEO of Agony.

What happened to John Brown?

It has been reported that John Brown had been a victim of anxiety and depression, due to which he committed suicide. However, there is no official information available that supports this news, as the family has yet to disclose the circumstances of his sudden death.

Obituary and funeral

Obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared soon by family members.

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