Joe Biden’s Romantic Gesture With His Wife Jill That Went Viral

The president picked up a dandelion from the White House garden as they both walked to the helicopter that would take them to a rally in the state of Georgia

Hours after dominating the public conversation in the United States by his first address to Congress, President Joe Biden returned to the headlines, but by personal action.

As he and his wife Jill were heading to a helicopter that would take them to a rally in the state of Georgia, the president stopped for a few moments to pick up a dandelion and deliver it to the first lady .

The moment was captured by the pool of journalists who follow the president’s agenda – both graphics and audiovisuals – and quickly went viral.

The Bidens also visited former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, as part of their trip . At 96, Carter is the longest-serving former president in US history and remains involved in numerous philanthropic activities, although he was not at Biden’s inauguration in January because he was not vaccinated against COVID-19.

In addition to visiting Carter, Biden will celebrate his first 100 days at the White House on Thursday with the rally in the city of Atlanta, an event that attendees will attend in their vehicles as a measure of social distancing, as was done during the presidential campaign. of the then-Democratic candidate.

The night before, the president also marked the symbolic date with his first message to Congress, in a speech in which he expressed his will to reform, particularly in fiscal matters.

The president, wearing a mask, was greeted with applause, as he took the stage in his first speech at a joint session, in the midst of a pandemic. The venue was with many empty seats, a sample of the security measures for the coronavirus: instead of the 1,600 people who usually attend, the capacity was 200. The First Lady also participated in the event.

Biden highlighted the progress of the vaccination campaign, noting that he had promised to administer 100 million vaccines during its first 100 days but that the figure is finally 220 million.

He also said that the health system should be more accessible to all and promised to better control the prices of medicines, and promised that this year his administration will find a way to cut child poverty by half.

In other passages of his speeches, he recognized the problem posed by climate change and stressed his desire to reduce the country’s emissions while generating millions of jobs with an infrastructure plan.

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