Jo Mersa Marley’s Wife, Parents, Cause Of Death, Funeral

Bob Marley’s grandson and musician, Jo Mersa Marley, passed away on Tuesday at 31. The Jamaica Observer stated that Marley had asthma and had been discovered unconscious in an automobile.

Regarding the burial arrangements, no information is given. Marley’s departure has affected everyone; they remember him and post condolences and tokens to him on social media.

On December 27, 2022, People’s National Party leader and Jamaican politician MarkJ. Golding posted on Twitter to express his grief for Jo.” I lately learned of Joseph” Jo Mersa” Marley’s distressing end. a great youthful reggae entertainer whose only 31 years old and the grandson of Bob Marley and Stephen Marley. My sympathies to Stephen and the entire family. Losing a sprat is a woeful blow no parent should endure,” he said.

After emigrating from Jamaica at the age of 11, Marley was raised in Miami. He started writing music in middle academy and released his debut song,” My Girl,” as a teen, following in the musical steps of his father and forefather. Songs like” Burn it Down,” Made It,” and” No Way Out” made him well- known.

Two EPs,” Comfortable” and” Eternal,” were released by him in 2014 and 2016.( 2021). He also banded with family members on numerous systems, including” Revelation Party,” a song from Stephen Marley’s 2016 reader” Revelation Part 2 The Fruit of Life,” which features his father.

He’d subsequently work with Ziggy Marley, Daniel Marley’s father, and his siblings Stephen, Cedella, and Sharon in the band Melody Makers.

Jo constantly participated in pics of his family on Instagram as a devoted hubby and father. His wife, Qiara, and their son, Sunshine, sometimes appeared in posts on his Instagram.

He also argued the musical influences his father, an eight- time Grammy Award winner, had on him.

My father’s release of music with deep meaning has left a legacy. It’s a standard I’ve to meet,” he remarked.

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