Jessie Lee Ward Death and Obituary: What Happened?

On September 16th, 2023, the world lost Jessie Lee Ward (also known as “Boss Lee”) -former CEO at Jessie Lee and Vice President at Pruvit- to colon cancer at 35.

Cause of Death:

In March 2023, Ward was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic colon cancer. Ward shared her entire journey online on her social media platforms. She shared details about how she underwent surgery to remove a part of her colon, began chemotherapy, and tried various alternate treatments such as holistic medicine, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, and meditation.

Even though in August 2023 she shared news of how the tumour had decreased in size, showed signs of recovery, and even gave a very hopeful update on her health on September 5th, she was suddenly hospitalized on September 15th after she started experiencing severe pain and other complications, shortly after which she passed away on September 16th surrounded by her family.

Who Was Jessie Lee Ward?

Ward was not only a very influential figure on social media with over 358,000 followers on Instagram but also a podcast presenter, author, and philanthropist, and offered coaching and mentoring services to many aspiring network marketers.

She was even invited to many platforms such as TEDx, and GoPro as a speaker. She was also an active donor to numerous causes, including animal rescue, education for children, and cancer research. Her books, “The MLM Queen” and “Boss Up,” speak for her success.

Before that, she was a girl from Middletown, Maryland, who attended Hunter College in New York City and studied marketing and communication. Ward worked as a sales manager for Verizon Wireless until 2015, when she became a network marketer.

After discovering Prüvit (a company that sells ketone-based nutritional supplements) on Facebook, she decided to become the company’s promoter, becoming the world’s top earner and recruiter.


Since her family is still trying to cope with Ward’s death, they have not disclosed details about her obituary yet, but they said they will reveal them shortly and keep everyone informed.


Everyone who knew Ward considered her as a woman who was true to her words and remembered her by her warm and loving nature. Her death has left everyone around her devasted and mourning. People on the internet have been expressing their sadness by paying heartfelt tributes to her.

When Suzanne Meighan shared the news of Jessie Lee Ward’s death, she said:

“My heart is broken. Network Marketing will never be the same. I feel sick to my stomach with shock and devastation to find out that the beautiful Jessie Lee Ward passed away today. I chose this photo in particular because having followed JL for 6 years, I’ve never seen her so happy than since she met Avi. I’m devasted your love story didn’t last longer. I’m devasted you didn’t get your happy ending. I’m sorry your life was cut far too short and that you’ve been taken far too soon. I hope you realise that the legacy you worked so hard to create…is everlasting. You did it. You inspired men and woman all over the world. I’m just so sorry you didn’t get to enjoy it much longer. You deserved more. Rest in Paradise Jessie Lee. Sending love and healing to all her friends and family.”

Venessa Hunter expressed her feelings by saying:

“The world has lost two very bright lights over the past two days. It doesn’t seem real. It doesn’t seem fair. They were both far too young. Rest in peace Blake Graham and Jessie Lee Ward. I don’t have adequate words at this time. The void you leave behind will never be filled.”

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