Jesdon Bloomer & Ky’rese Dye, Students of Shaw University, Died in a Car Crash

A deadly accident happened in Raleigh city in North Carolina; students of the University, Jesdon Bloomer & Ky’rese Dye, became a victim of a fatal car; one was seriously injured, and the other one died on the spot. It is a mourning situation for the whole institution and the victim’s families. Our condolences and sympathies are to the families of the victims.

About Victims:

A tragic accident happened on the night of 31st October, when two friends, Jesdon Bloomer & Ky’rese Dye, who studied at Shaw University, were going on a drive. Both are 18-year-old dedicated athlete students; Ky’rese Dye was in the junior varsity basketball team.

While going on a drive, they were on the road of Hammond, Raleigh, when their car went out of control and fatally crashed. The accident happened around 11:17 p.m. in the 1400 block of Hammond Road.

Ky’rese Dye, who was in the front passenger seat, was dead on the spot when the incident happened. Jesdon, who was in the driver’s seat, escaped the car, but still, he was highly injured and battling for his life.

Shaw University community members share condolence and honor Ky’rese; Bazemore said: “I’d like to say Ky’rese was an amazing kid. ” “Showed up every day with a smile, had great energy every day. A devastating loss for Shaw University.”

Not only a member but also the whole student community are giving tribute to Ky’rese when the University authority shares terrible news with students.

Police investigation:

Police are investigating the accident road, as well as the they are doing inquiry about the victim. As they announce something, we will update our followers.

Funeral details:

The Bloomer & Dye families and communities are going through a challenging time right now. Dye’s family hasn’t yet announced the details of Ky’rese’s funeral, but we believe they will disclose the details soon. There is no update from the Bloomer family about the health of Jesdon; we hope he will recover from his injuries soon.

Our condolence and support are to Bloomer & Dye families suffering from this terrible time. May God open the door of HEAVEN for Ky’rese and give his family the patience and power to recover from this trauma.

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