JB Mauney Accident: He Was Seriously Injured In A Fall Mishap

James Burton Mauney, an American professional rodeo cowboy, was harmed in a fatal accident last night.

According to reports, Rodeo bullfighter JB Mauney was seriously injured in a fall mishap on March 19, 2023, at Rodeo Houston. JB Mauney RODEOHOUSTON, a bullfighter at a rodeo, was eventually able to walk and talk but could not compete.

JB Mauney’s friends, family, and supporters hope for a speedy recovery from the accident. To select the winner, it was also said that three other riders were flung off the bulls and had to get back on them bulls. There is no disclosure of the incident’s circumstances.

Mauney is one of just two bull riders to stay on Bushwacker for the entire 8 seconds on the Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS), the top division of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) (for a score of 95.25 points in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in August 2013), and one of three bull riders to do it throughout the bull’s lifetime.

His performance on the BFTS in San Antonio, Texas, in August 2012 earned him a score of 93.50 points after he qualified ride on an asteroid, one of only five riders to did so. The bull who won the 2012 World Championship, Asteroid, scored 46.25 points.

Throughout the first few years of his professional career, Mauney wore a helmet while competing. Yet by 2013, he was riding while wearing a cowboy hat. On November 5, 2016, Mauney became the first bull rider in PBR history to earn $7 million in a single season.

Mauney’s right arm was severely injured in 2017, prompting surgery to insert a screw and 13 anchors. Despite the numerous injuries that have hampered his career, Mauney has persisted in making professional bull riding history.

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