Jayne Moritz Death And Obituary: What Happened?

On Sep 11, 2023, a young, beautiful student and cheerleader of Pleasant Valley High School sadly and unexpectedly passed away in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Jayne Moritz died suddenly, leaving family and friends in immense shock and sorrow and breaking many people’s hearts who knew her throughout her life.

Her death was announced through a post that said:

“Dear PVHS Families, It is with great sadness that we share with you that PV junior Jayne Moritz passed away last evening,” the Pleasant Valley High School principal said in a letter to the school’s PTA.”

While writing this, the exact cause of her death is unknown and is being investigated; her close ones asked to keep Jayne’s family in their prayers and thoughts as they mourn her expected death.

Jayne Moritz was the beloved daughter of Jeff Moritz, born and raised in Maquoketa, Iowa. She enjoyed cheerleading, shone like a brilliant star, and was stunningly gorgeous and full of life.

She was a remarkable soul whose vivacious spirit influenced everyone she encountered. Her untimely departure has left a great void.

The family will post the details regarding the obituary and last rituals as soon as they are grieving and ask for privacy.

As her death word spread, people started pouring their heartfelt condolences and tributes on social media and started missing and remembering her.

Jayne Moritz brother Dru Redler posted on Facebook.

At approximately 2:15 a.m. today, I got terrible news from my mom. My little sister Jayne lost her battle with Depression and passed away. Jayne, I am so sorry I wasn’t there for you to vent to like I used to be. Yes, we had our differences and fights, but unfortunately, that’s what siblings do. I knew you were angry with me at the end, and I’m truly sorry that things happened the way they did and pushed us away from each other this past year and that we didn’t get the chance to mend our relationship. You were a very smart and beautiful young woman with much potential and life ahead of you. Unfortunately, your demons overwhelmed you, and you couldn’t overcome them. I will miss being your big bro and your protector. I will miss giving you advice about dumb little boys and cheering you up when you are sad with my jokes, and Mika will miss your walks and photoshoots. We will all miss you very much; you will never be forgotten. Rest easy, sis, for you are no longer hurting. Give Dan a big hug for me

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