Jamie Roy Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Scottish DJ and producer Jamie Roy passed away on Tuesday. He was 29. The artist’s family sent a statement on social media this morning announcing his passing, but no cause of death was known.

According to the announcement, Jamie passed away yesterday. “Jamie was a cherished and gifted son, brother, nephew, and uncle who had a wide circle of friends and coworkers both inside and external to the music industry. We are all utterly devastated.”

Jamie’s death comes days after he released his “biggest song,” Let Us Sing, with one of “the biggest producers in the world.”

In the Scottish town of Greenock, he was born in April 1993. Producer and DJ Jamie Roy worked in the music industry. Over the years, he has also had his remixes played on BBC Radio 1 to the joy of his followers. He has finished work on several productions, most notably Your Boyfriend is Mine on Lifetime and Burning Little Lies on Lifetime.

He was not yet married, according to his relationship status. He had recently performed in festivals worldwide, such as the Unum Festival in Albania, the Sonic Festival in Croatia, and the BPM Festival in Costa Rica.

A fantastic producer, DJ, and friend to many in our profession, Roy is praised by house music producers Defected Records.

The musician from Dumfries is often in Ibiza, where he lived for years. Jamie Roy is most known for his work as a DJ for Football Club and his appearances in football games.

If we talk about Roy’s net worth at the time of death, it would be approx 1 million.

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