Jamie Roy Cause Of Death – What Happened To Him?

Jamie Roy’s family shared this sad news on social media. Adored by the DJ and production community, Jamie Roy passed away on September 20.

Jamie was a very loved and talented son, brother, nephew and uncle, and loved by his many friends and colleagues both within and outside of the music industry. We are all absolutely broken

Last year, Jamie Roy launched the theme ‘Organ Belt’, whose first anniversary he had recently marked on social media. “It is still at number 37 on the charts, 51 weeks later. What madness!”, he congratulated himself then.

Also recently, Jamie Roy, who was 33 years old, announced that he would soon make a major release. The cause of his death was not revealed.

After spending his youth as a regular in Glasgow’s nightlife, Jamie fell in love with and absorbed the underground electronic scene. An unexpected turn of events led the Scot to spend the next six years in Ibiza, where he quickly built a solid network of contacts and could include people like Skream , Doorly and 2 Many DJs among more than just friends.

Turning the hobby into something much more serious, Jamie had already reached the point of his career when he was in residence with Steve Lawler on his Viva Warriors night . Later, he also had spectacular performances at Pacha Ibiza , Snowbombing Festival , Ministry Of Sound, EPIC Hotel Miami and a residency at the Cuckoo Land Pool Party in Ibiza Rocks. As a producer and DJ, he has released albums on industry-leading labels such as Repopulate Mars, Criminal Hype, Kaluki and Under No Illusion . He was perceived by the industry as a great talent that was yet to be had with the best.

Recently, he announced on his social media that he was recording “the greatest song of his life”. Hopefully the family or friends of the deceased will share the recording with fans, or at least part of it.

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