Influencer Yuriby Gómez, Niece of Kimberly Flores, Dies

Kimberly Flores, the wife of Edwin Luna, reported the death of her 23-year-old niece Yuriby Gómez, who lost her life on July 26.

Through her Instagram stories, the model shared the news and expressed: “I can’t with so much pain,” and she shared an image of a black bow.

“How can it be that four years ago today was the most special and happy day of my life and today could be the saddest, this pain is inexplicable. I can’t, I don’t know how I’ll learn to know that you’re not here,” Flores shared on Instagram.

Without revealing the causes of her niece’s death, Kimberly showed an image of her where she is seen on board a plane, so it is speculated that she was going to Guatemala for the young woman’s funeral services.

For her part, Edwin Luna posted photographs of the 23-year-old teenager, which he accompanied with a farewell message.

“May the whole family find comfort in shared memories and in the love that will always be present,” were the words of the vocalist of La Trakalosa de Monterrey.

At the moment, the causes of the young woman’s death are not known, but in her Instagram stories, Flores said that blood donors were urgently needed.

In addition to the fact that she expressed her support for the young woman in her fight against the disease. “Everything will be fine, my girl. You are strong my love, and you are going to be that beautiful miracle, I trust and have faith, “said the model on July 25.

Who was Yuriby Gomez?

Yuriby Gisel Gómez Hernández became known through social networks for her content focused on beauty.

Through Instagram, she shared tips, as well as some beauty routines, which allowed her to form a large community, which exceeded 94,000 followers on Instagram.
In her networks, he also used to share photos and videos of her daily life, as well as the excellent relationship she had with her aunt, Kimberly Flores.

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