Influencer Ana Paula Massolin Monteiro Dies At 41

41-year-old influencer who shared fight against cancer dies

Brazi – Influencer Ana Paula Massolin Monteiro has been battling colorectal cancer since 2013. She showed her routine on Instagram

Those who accompanied the stylist and digital influencer Ana Paula Massolin Monteiro , 41, came across the sad news of her death this Sunday (3/28). Affectionately called Aninha by family, friends, and followers, the personality of the social networks fought against colorectal cancer . Seven years ago, she shared on her Instagram profile the battle to beat the disease.

Relatives of the influencer confirmed the death with a touching post on Instagram. In the caption, they took the opportunity to honor her: “Life… It is beautiful and it is beautiful. That’s what she said every day. As soon as she lived every second. Aninha is, and always will be, a great inspiration for all of us. Her strength, determination, optimism and positivity. That is why she was able to overcome and overcome many challenges in her life ”.

Ana Paula was terminally ill at the BP Hospital in São Paulo. In the last week, she was hospitalized with pneumonia and needed to be intubated. During the procedure, the infection subsided and the stylist had a severe stroke. Aninha’s intimate, Fabiana Justus gave details of the influencer’s health. Roberto Justus‘ daughter said that her friend slept “without pain and suffering” and, unfortunately, the family was sadly awaiting her “passage”.

Upon learning of Aninha’s death, Fabiana also wrote a message about her friend in an emotional post. “Beautiful friend of my heart. The world is sadder without you here. Heaven is partying with you there. You came to this world with the mission of touching the lives of many people ”, started the fashionista. Justus’ daughter added: “We had incredible and unforgettable moments before and even during your illness because you wouldn’t let yourself be shaken. Nest, I love you and I will love you forever ”.

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