Indonesia: Sinabung volcano erupts and ash hides sunlight

Mother Nature continues to speak on planet Earth. In the early hours of this Monday, the eruption of the Sinabung volcano in Indonesia was reported, which unfolded a column of ash that exceeded seven kilometers in height, leaving the town of Sumatra in darkness at midday.

In previous days, a series of eruptions had already been reported on the mountain, although none were similar to the size of this day.

Due to this natural phenomenon, it was declared a Red Hazard for aviation near the place due to the large fumarole that was created in the sky. In addition to reporting as strong the ashfall in the surrounding towns.

This volcanic activity was recorded at noon in Indonesia, but due to smoke and ash in the air, it hid the sunlight in the towns near the Sinabung volcano, making it appear that it was night again or sooner than expected.

So far no consequences have been reported to regret after this event; just a lot of cars, houses, and streets full of the ash that blew out the geological structure.

Sinabung volcano

Videos: This was the eruption of the Sinabung volcano in Indonesia

After the ash storm, the communities went dark. Indonesia’s North Sumatra province is also facing the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic right now.

The Sinabung volcano, located in the Karo district of the North Sumatra province in Indonesia, erupted at 10:16 a.m. local time on Monday, with an ash column that reached about 5,000 meters above the peak of the volcano. or 7,460 meters above sea level, local media reported.


The 2,475-meter-high Sinabung volcano is on alert, a local volcanology center was quoted as saying by Antara news agency.

In the event of ash rains, locals were expected to wear masks to reduce health impacts, the agency said in a statement, adding that residents were also expected to maintain potable water and clean the roofs of their homes of ash. to avoid possible damage and collapse.

Images where it seems that it is night have gone around the world assuring that it is actually noon in the area but that visibility was interrupted due to the intense ash fall.

The agency also asked people living along rivers near the volcano to be aware of possible hot and cold lava flowing into the rivers.

The Sinabung first erupted last Saturday, when the volcano spewed a column of ash up to two kilometers high, at a time when the area is affected by COVID-19.


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