Iamlegallyhype On TikTok? The TikToker Explains Russia-Ukraine Conflict:

This TikToker went viral, her video explained the Russia-Ukraine Conflict in the best way possible. “Big Bank P was like, Hmmm I like the territory”

“Okay so boom!” Iamlegallyhype TikToker started her video. The video went viral overnight. The bio on her different social media platform explains that she belongs in law school and records her take on legal commentary. “Okay so boom” is the start of the juiciest story trending video which was uploaded on February 7. She explained the Ukraine and Russia conflict in the best way, she removed all the hard-political views and made it easier for anyone to understand it’s the point.    

What Did Iamlegallyhype explained through her Viral TikTok:

Iamlegallyhype in her video used the term “Big T” for Donald Trump and “Big Bank P” for the current Russian President Vladimir Putin. She pours more details on the ongoing affair, as Putin ordered the Russian military closer to the border. 

She explained the whole story in African-American tone, her comical tone calmed the user to understand the whole story. She received a lot of positivity for her African-American tone. Apart from her African-American accent people, also looked upon her old videos. They referred to her account as a great platform helps one to understand the various conflicts and political views globally. Moreover, her take on the Russia-Ukraine conflict explains that the two countries, Russia and Ukraine are playing game and fooling the world out there, but in real Ukraine said they are now no longer supporting the pull-up

Furthermore, she explains in her video “We were mad at Big T for not keeping his cool with Big Bank P, but Big Bank P just joined the table with China and if I’m not wrong Big Bank P holds, the richest men in the world, and almost everybody and they mama owe China some money,”

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