Hugh Douglas and Christion Files Jr, Two Students Died in A Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash

Georgia Atlanta: Morehouse College community mourns the loss of two students on Labor Day.

Two students, Hugh Douglas and Christion Files Jr., were killed in a tragic car crash on Labor Day. The Morehouse College announced their sudden, untimely departure from the world in a post on their Facebook page.

The School mourns the loss of their two students who were set to graduate in 2025. Both young men were 25 years old. The School says they were not only friends but also roommates during their sophomore year. They shared a special bond of brotherhood. Both of them were studying Business Administration at the School.

Hugh Douglas was studying business administration with a concentration in finance. He was associated with several esteemed organizations, including the Morehouse Business Association, an AltFinance Fellow, and a Goldman Sachs Fellow. He had also participated in an internship program at Ares Management Corporation in Los Angeles in the summer.

Christion Files Jr. was also studying business administration with a concentration in marketing. He was a man of many trades. He was co-captain of the Morehouse Track & Field team, served as media chair for the Junior Class Council and was a member of the Morehouse Business Association. Christion also had a passion for photography and videography. He would use his talent to create videos for students, campus organizations, Morehouse Athletes, and the college’s marketing office.

The School has not only shown solidarity toward those who mourn Hugh Douglas and Christion Files Jr., but they have extended the curtsey of bearing the sorrow for those who find themselves overwhelmed by it. They have welcomed the students to call Counseling Service at (470) 639-0231 for grief counselling. For the Faculty and staff, they have provided support through the Cigna Behavior Hotline at (866) 912-3339 or the Life Assistance Program at (800) 538-3543.

Details of the accident have yet to be made public. Neither the School nor the authorities have released any information regarding the crash. However, the School will further inform the students about their memorial services for those who would like to pay their respect, say their goodbyes, and find peace in their hearts, knowing their love and legacy will forever live in their memories.

The community has showered Friends and family members with overwhelming support. Daphne Wright-Gilstrap wrote under the post,

“Sending prayers to their families, their fellow students at Morehouse & the rest of the AUC community.”

Another user wrote,

“Such promising two students with so much talent, gifts and potential. Sincere condolences to their respective families and the Morehouse college family.”

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