How Did Natanya Brook Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Natanya Brook († 23)! The talented singer passed away unexpectedly. Particularly dramatic: According to reports in the English newspaper “Mirror”, she was in a gaming session with her friends when she died.

Brook, who had starred in and fascinated with The X Factor and The Voice, played Xbox games with friends late into the night. Then the 23-year-old, who was also part of her semi-pro gaming team, suddenly fell silent.

Natanya Brook († 23): When mother found the dead woman, she thought she was just sleeping

The next morning, her mother Jenny came into Tanya’s room, as she was also known, and found her leaning against the bed. Because she thought her daughter was sleeping, she left again.

When the mother returned a few hours later and found her daughter still in the same position, she knew something was wrong. She called 911 and tried to revive her daughter. But the rescuers could only determine her death.

During Natanya’s autopsy, it was found that there were no abnormalities in the organs. The presumed cause of death: Sudden death from epilepsy. Natanya suffered from this since childhood.

English coroner Bina Patel admitted that Tanya may have had a seizure. During her childhood, she went through several attacks. The autopsy report revealed that there were no abnormalities in Tanya’s main organs. The doctor was unable to pinpoint exactly what caused her death.

“We always told Tanya her epilepsy was a diagnosis and not an excuse not to do anything, and that’s how she lived her life,” mom Jenny Brook told The Mirror. She is heartbroken over the death of her daughter. “I still have a gaping hole in me and I miss her as she’s been such an incredibly bright light in my life.”

“I told her everything and she told me everything. Even some things I didn’t want to know,” the sad mother continued. She only has positive words for her late daughter. “She just had this ability to inspire people. I don’t think she could have done more in her 23 years.”

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