How Did Mike Aboh Die? And What Was His Cause Of Death?

Mike Aboh from the musical group Zule Lee slumps and dies while taking a bath.

A close source from the family, Terna Rapsody Hyacinth, confirms the passing of Mike Aboh and says “‘wish people were eager to help him survive when he was alive.” 

Terna Rapsody Hyacinth writes an official Facebook post.  

“I wish people were eager to help you survive when you were alive, suffering, roaming the street of Makurdi than how they are eager to let the world know of your demise today!! Rest on Legend.”

Michael Aboh, aka Mike Aboh, died on  4 June 2022 in the morning while taking a bath. He was suffering from mental health issues. According to our report and even in an interview, Mike himself claimed that he was not doing well and was mentally unstable. Furthermore, when the interviewer asked him in detail to explain his mental instability, he replied, “I have been going through several challenges since I relocated from Lagos.”

Ibrahim, his colleague, says that Aboh was unable to meet his Lagos lifestyle and was unable to handle it. This made him an alcohol and drug addict. 

Tears have beheld my eyes and my hands are shaking as I can’t hide the fact that you’ve passed on on this day😭😭😭 really cannot question God for I have lost the other part of myself, a brother and a friend😢😢😢,” says Ibrahim.

Ever since the news reaches the internet, fans, friends, and family have headed over to their social media to pay their respect to Aboh.

Our sincere prayers to Mike Aboh’s family, friends, and fans. May his soul rests in peace!

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