How Did Mario Terán Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

The death occurred in the Military Social Security Corporation, where he had been hospitalized for three weeks.

Retired military officer Mario Terán Salazar died this Thursday in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz, who, on orders from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and then President René Barrientos, assassinated Ernesto “Che” Guevara on October 9, 1967.

Mario Terán Salazar died on Thursday of prostate cancer at the age of 80 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in eastern Bolivia, as confirmed by his family.

The death occurred at 07:15 (local time) at the Military Social Security Corporation, where he had been hospitalized for three weeks due to a lung problem that he suffered for several years.

The news of his death, at the age of 80, was confirmed by retired General Gary Prado, who led the Che Guevara capture operation in 1967.

At the time, Terán told a Parisian magazine that he had been ordered to open fire on the Argentine, who was wounded and unarmed. Before doing so, Che told him “be calm and aim well! He is going to kill a man!”

However, in 2014 he told a Spanish newspaper that he had not carried out the order to assassinate Che. Later, Prado also spoke with that medium and confirmed that Terán had done it.

At that time, Che Guevara was in Bolivia to create and consolidate a revolutionary focus that would allow him to take the armed anti-capitalist struggle to other Latin American nations.

That conception of the emancipatory process enriched her during her participation in the national liberation struggle in Cuba, where the Revolution triumphed in January 1959.

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