How Did Maggie Fox Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death? Funeral

Coronation Street actress Maggie Fox has passed away in an unexpected accident, her comedy partner and a very close friend Sue Ryder announced the news, and exclaimed that she is in a state of shock.

She passed away at home, devastating all of the family members and friends.

Maggie Fox- Died on 22nd March!

Her friend shared a post on Facebook and wrote, “We are still all in a state of shock as this was very sudden following an accident. She shared a moment that they first met when they were Drama students at Bristol University in the 1970s. She further exclaimed that “ we were in a very serious production at Ibsen’s The Lady for the Sea but for some reason the audience was on
the floor laughing. “

She continued, details to be published when have a plan. Thank you for supporting us over all these years, we are so lucky to have such a loyal audience. We do hope you will join us to celebrate her comedy genius later in the year. Sue.

Maggie Fox took two played two roles in the ITV soap Coronation Street; Ruth Audsley and Judge Travers. However, she played a role in a 2006 episode of Shameless as a registrar at Frank and Sheila’s wedding.

She was renowned for playing Bilson in the ITV period drama The Forsyte Saga. Moreover, she was featured in Coronation Street for two times.

She had a theatre based company named LipService to enhance the comedy shows with a female perspective. Also, she has launched 22 shows. Maggie Fox and her friend had toured to the United Kingdom along with LipService play Strangers on a Train Set.

The star passed away after a sudden accident which left her all family and friends in a state of devastation. The news was broken on 22nd March 2022

Further details regarding the cause of her death will be revealed soon.

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