How Did Kimberley Kitching Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

The senator “left” at the age of 52 on Thursday afternoon, while she was in the suburb of Strathmore in Melbourne.

The sudden death of Victoria’s Labor senator Kimberley Kitching has left his relative’s friends, political allies, opponents, and the general public shocked.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese said the party was “shocked” by the sudden loss of a “friend and colleague” who would be missed by all.

“We lost a man of our own, at a very young age μας Our thoughts are with her family and those who loved her, especially her husband Andrew.”

Federal Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Senator Kimberley Kitching was “deeply respected by the Coalition. She has shown that her passion for her country has always been more important than any party line.”

Several of her colleagues reported that being elected to the Labor Party had put her under considerable pressure.

Executives of the Victorian Right wing of the senator, to which the senator belonged, had a teleconference on Tuesday night and as it is understood, ABC reported, her choice was “under discussion”.

“Kimberley was under pressure from all these groups,” a Labor member told ABC. “So close to the election, it was a test. Those who play games have no other candidate to replace it.”

Former Labor leader Bill Shorten also referred to the “battle” of the by-elections and wondered if it would have been better for Kimberley Kitching if she had “never approached politics”.

“I am not a medical examiner. I can not tell you why this 52-year-old woman ‘left’. “But I have no doubt that the stress in politics, the machinations in the background have their price,” he said.

Mr. Shorten was a close friend of Kimberley Kitching and her husband, Andrew Landeryou, and was called to the scene of the tragic incident in Strathmore.

“She was in the neighboring suburb when she died,” she told ABC. “My wife, Chloe, who was a close friend of hers, I knew from school, we went there right away.”

“We sat on the side of the road with some more dear friends of Kimberley and Andrew…” »

Kos Samaras, a specialist in strategic planning for Labor, noted that “really few in politics μούν fight for what they believe. We lost one (of these people) today. ”

“You can not ‘make’ these people or train them to be like that. They are born that way. They are rare. Believe me. (I am devastated”.

Senator Kimberley Kitching was born in Brisbane but moved to Melbourne in 1985.

In the 2013 federal election, she was nominated for Lalor and Gellibrand but was unsuccessful.

Three years later, in 2016, however, she won and won and took the Senate seat vacated by the resignation of Stephen Conroy.

As a senator, she advocated for human rights and was instrumental in the Magnitsky Act, under which a government can impose financial sanctions and other measures on foreign nationals and entities that commit or engage in serious human rights violations and corruption abroad.

This law is being used by the federal government at a time when Russia is invading Ukraine.
Cause Of Death:

As it became known, she started to feel unwell, between two meetings she had, she stopped her vehicle and called her husband, Andrew Landeryou.

An ambulance was called to the scene, but rescuers were unable to resuscitate her. Kimberley Kitching breathed her last on the spot.

According to ABC, the probable cause of death was a heart attack.

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