How Did Kevin Samuels Die? Cause Of Death, Obituary, Family

HE IS FOUND DEAD IN HIS APARTMENT! A famous Youtuber who gave advice to women dies at 56, but they celebrate his death.

  • A famous Youtuber and image consultant passed away this Thursday at the age of 56.
  • Kevin Samuels caused controversy for his positions and unfortunately, people were glad of his death.
  • The Youtuber’s mother found out about the tragic news through social networks.

Social networks exploded when they first reported the alleged death of Youtuber Kevin Samuels, who would have caused a lot of controversy and hatred for his position for years, since he had a channel in which subscribers received image advice, especially women, in order to conquer the mens.

Now, it is known that the news was true and the tragic death was confirmed since he was apparently found in his apartment without vital signs the most spectacular thing was that his mother found out about the death of Kevin Samuels through social networks, which left her devastated.


And it is that Kevin Samuels was known as ‘the dating guru’ because on his YouTube channel, which he had 1.4 million subscribers, he gave image advice to women with the purpose of conquering men, but many people express their hatred that his attitude was quite misogynistic.

The ideology that the Youtuber showed at his 56 years of age caused him to be constantly criticized on social networks and although he had already lost his life, the manner of his death became a trend and many people even rejoiced at his surprise death, which qualifies as ‘cruelty’.


According to information published by the NBC News portal and the Mexican SDP Noticias, elements of the Atlanta police arrived at the apartment of Kevin Samuels located on East Paces Ferry Road NE on Thursday morning and found an injured person being helped by health personnel.

And it is that apparently, the image consultant and Youtuber had chest pains, for which it is presumed that he could have had a heart attack that would cause his death; The health personnel who tried to resuscitate Kevin Samuels by CPR determined that he urgently needed to be transferred to the hospital.


And it is that after the work of CPR, Kevin Samuels was taken to the Piedmont Hospital where he received medical attention, where it was learned that it was a woman who accompanied him who called the health personnel by phone because apparently the famous complained of pain in his chest and suddenly the man ‘fell’ to the ground.

Another tragic aspect of the whole thing was that Kevin Samuels’ mother found out about her son’s death through social networks and could not believe it: “It was a terrible thing that social networks published that. She didn’t even know. They hadn’t even notified me. All I am doing is asking people to pray for us,” the lady commented.


And it is that it was this Thursday night when a message from social networks alarmed about the death of Kevin Samuels, which was first taken as a rumor, and later it was the mother of the “dating guru” who dedicated herself to looking for information for later be amazed and confirm that everything was true.

Beverly Samuels-Burch, the mother of the image consultant, said that she had not been notified of her son’s death when she saw everything on social networks and described it as something atrocious, which left her devastated. Kevin Samuels was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 13, 1965, and studied at Millwood High School and the University of Oklahoma.

“If you reached 35 and you don’t have these houses, you are a leftover woman. You are what remains. Men know that there is probably something wrong with you “, were part of several statements that Kevin Samuels gave in his image consulting videos to women, especially African Americans, and for what he was taken as ‘misogynist’, and the above caused many positive reactions to his passing:

“People are not celebrating that Kevin Samuels has died, but they celebrate the misogyny he had towards women and now he got what he deserved”, “Kevin Samuels became famous for making firewood from the fallen tree with women of color”, “In life, this man degraded and dehumanized African-American women”, “Some must be dancing on his grave”, “I personally will not miss him”, commented several people.

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