How Did Kelsey Musgrove Die? Was Her Cause Of Death?

Missing Wisconsin doctor found dead: How did Kelsey Musgrove die?

26-year-old woman disappeared on the hike: Now she has been found dead.

A week ago, the relatives of Dr. Kelsey Musgrove, from the state of Wisconsin, had reported her disappearance, and the authorities reported that she was found dead.

This was reported by the NY Post newspaper, where it was ensured that the health professional, who was just 26 years old, was found dead in the middle of a hiking trail.

The police assured us that the discovery took place on Sunday.

Iron County Sheriffs reported that the doctor had shared with her family and friends that she had gone to Potato River Falls in Gurney on March 26.

After not knowing anything about her, the search order was given days later, starting an operation to find her whereabouts.

The Post highlighted that it was on March 30 when the police in Middleton, Wisconsin, asked the marshals to search for the galena.

“All indications at the scene and information from family and friends lead us to believe that she had gone hiking on the Potato River and did not return to her vehicle,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement shared Sunday. “We would like to express our deepest condolences to Kelsey’s family.”

Authorities revealed that they found Dr. Musgrove’s car in the Potato River Falls parking lot.

Regarding the discovery of the doctor’s body, the sheriff’s office added that it was discovered very close to the waterfall on April 3.

So far the authorities have not revealed more details of the event and the reason for the young woman’s death is unknown.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, police said no criminal hands were suspected in the death so far.

The NY Post described Kelsey Musgrove as “a 26-year-old cardiothoracic surgery fellow at the University of Wisconsin.”

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