How Did Kandikonda Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Hyderabad: Songwriter Kandikonda (49), who wrote many heart-touching songs, has passed away. He had been ill for some time and died on Saturday due to a critical condition, doctors said. Kandikonda breathed his last at his home in Vengala Rao Nagar. Although he had been battling cancer for years, his health deteriorated as the effects of the disease fell on his spine. Financially troubled. The Telangana government, with the help of friends, recently underwent spinal surgery but has not fully recovered.

His full name is Kandikonda Yadagiri. Kandikonda was born in Nagurlapally, Narsampet Mandal, Warangal District. He studied MA Telugu and MA Politics at OU. Due to his interest in Telugu literature and writings, he gradually stepped into the field of cinema. She befriended music director Chakri while studying Inter. He became a lyricist in 2001 with the song ‘Mallikuyave Guvva’ in the film ‘Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam’ directed by Puri Jagannath. The song was a good melody and entertained the listeners. This opens up a series of opportunities in the film industry. Songs like ‘Idiot’ in ‘Chupulto Gucci Gucci’, ‘Satyam’ in ‘Madhurame Madhurame’, ‘I am in Love’, ‘Pokiri’ in ‘Gala Gala Parutunna Godarila’, ‘Jagadame’, ‘Lovely’ in ‘Lovely’ Wrote. In 2018, he wrote two songs for ‘Needi Nadi Oke Katha’. After recovering from an illness, he wrote a song for ‘Kothalarayudu’ starring Srikanth.

Has written over 1300 songs in 20 years of cinematic reign. Kandikonda, who originally wrote folk songs, wrote the film songs with the encouragement of film music director Chakri. Apart from the movie songs, the songs written in the background of Batukamma were seen by the people in the countryside and in Gadapagadapana. Kandikonda is bold not only in songs but also in writing poetry. His specialty is writing poetry that touches the mind in the Telangana dialect. He was especially popular as a narrator for his portrayal of clay men, writing pictures of the countryside as stories.

Kandikonda suffered from a spinal problem after battling cancer and winning. His family was in serious financial trouble when he was hospitalized again. At the same time, their condition worsened as the corona boomed. The Telangana government immediately responded when it came to know about the Kandikonda family situation in this regard. Kandikonda was treated as per the directions of Minister KTR. Although health was stable for a few days, Kandikonda breathed his last on Saturday with a recent decline. Film industry sources have expressed shock over Kandikonda’s death. Many in the film industry have lamented the loss of a good songwriter.

Telangana Chief Minister KCR expressed condolences over the death of Kandikonda Yadagiri. He expressed sympathy to the family members. “Through his song, he immortalized the culture of Telangana. Kandikonda’s death is a great loss to the literary world and the Sabbanda community. Made his mark as a songwriter. Attempts to save Kandikonda were unsuccessful, “he said.

He brought the culture of the state closer to the people through his literature. Kandikonda’s death is a tragedy for the state. His songs will go down in the literary history of Telangana. Has made its mark in the field of literature ” – KTR‌

The death of Kandikonda Yadagiri, a writer who made his mark in the field of Telangana literature, is a great loss. Kandikonda, who has written songs for many movies, is well known. Batukamma has a good reputation for songs. My deepest condolences on the death of Kandikonda ” – Bandi Sanjay

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