How Did Gleycy Correia Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Born in Macaé, in the north of Fluminense, the former Miss Brasil United Continents in 2018, Gleycy Correia, 27, died this Monday after spending two months in a coma after complications from tonsillitis surgery, she used her Instagram profile to share their life experiences with their 52 thousand followers.

Entrepreneur in the areas of beauty and aesthetic procedures, she published about congresses and courses in which she participated. Gleycy claimed to be an expert in permanent makeup (the process of pigmentation of the skin) and she also removed tattoos with lasers.

The former miss also shared with her followers that since she was a child she wanted to be independent. The first step towards this she took at the age of 8 when she got her first job as a manicurist. “I have always loved working, having my little money. I dreamed of my independence. It was a gigantic happiness for each conquered client”. she wrote, in a text published in 2016.

Gleycy used her example to try to motivate her followers: “Have they ever told you that your goals were too far away? That you were ‘crazy’ for investing so much in something with no certainty of success? Wow, I’ve heard that so many times! ears …”.


The model also spoke of her humble origins and the struggle of her parents to raise her, both of whom were role models for the young woman. “Family of fighters, and even with millions of defects, in this family there is a lot of love! They always did the possible and the impossible for me, I am very grateful, ”she posted.

The moments of relaxation were also shared by the former miss. There are travel photos, one of them to Paris, and beaches and tourist attractions. Along with photos of her, Gleycy always wrote texts in which she celebrated her life. “Life is short. Break the rules, forgive quickly, drink slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile with your soul,” she wrote in a post.

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