How Did Anastasiia Yalanskaya Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Anastasiia Yalanskaya was killed in her car on her way to Bucha’s kennel to feed dogs that had been without food for three days. The girl was in the car along with two other colleagues who died instantly. She hadn’t wanted to leave the capital to look after the animals.

Killed while carrying supplies to a Kyiv dog shelter. The center had no food available for three days now and Anastasiia Yalanskaya, who has always been a volunteer for animals, had decided to drive to the facility near Kyiv to help stray dogs. Her car was targeted at close range and she died almost instantly. She had decided to stay near the capital to volunteer even though many other colleagues and friends had already left the city.

The news was reported by a journalist from the Canadian newspaper Global News. Anastasiia would be the third volunteer killed while she worked to provide refreshment to the animals.

As reported by “Global News”, Yalanskaya and two male helpers delivered food to a dog shelter in Bucha, 30 kilometers outside of Kyiv, on Friday. On the way back, the trio was apparently shot.

Her latest Instagram story shows Yalanskaya beaming with the dog food in the back seat of the car. Her husband apparently found the bullet-riddled car near their home.

The young victim was just 26 years old according to reports released by the foreign press. Anastasiia had driven as far as Bucha to continue the voluntary activity which she had had to interrupt with the start of the war. Rescue and assistance operations, in fact, continue to hiccup when the bombings allow reaching the shelters.

A colleague of the killed girl accused Russian troops of hitting the car voluntarily. In fact, you explained that the car was hit at close range and that therefore the attack was the result of a precise will of the Russian troops who, since the beginning of the war, instead claim to have never targeted civilians and residential structures.

The 26-year-old’s husband, Yevhen Yalanskyi, reported to Global the latest recommendations she made to Anastasiia before saying goodbye to her forever. “I asked her to be careful, that nowadays a mistake costs a lot. But she was helping everyone around her, she wouldn’t leave the city. I asked her to think about evacuation, but she didn’t want to.” According to the Ukrainian authorities, about 2,000 civilians died in the conflict.

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