Graphic Designer Willian Santiago Dies At 30

The graphic designer passed away at the age of 30 after staying in Londrina for more than a month

Winner of the Jaboti Prize in 2017, London illustrator Willian Santiago died at the age of 30, on Tuesday night (4), a victim of Covid-19. Graduated from the State University of Londrina (UEL), the artist had been hospitalized for about a month in the ICU of a private hospital in the city for treatment of the disease.

The early death of the graphic designer was one of the most talked-about topics on social media and entered the Twitter Trending Topics, with quotes from celebrities such as cartoonist Laerte Coutinho.

“Willian was at the height of his career. He had just completed a great job with the Hermès brand when he was diagnosed with Covid. On the first day, he was admitted because he was having trouble breathing and in a few hours he had to be intubated and taken to the ICU. It was a huge loss for everyone who lived with him, ”said London photographer Guilherme Benites, a friend of the designer.

Currently living in New York, he says he received news from Santiago through the artist’s family. “Throughout the treatment period, there were many days of ups and downs. Until Sunday he ended up getting worse after being stubborn because the antibiotics were no longer working. And he ended up dying of cardiac arrest on Tuesday, at 8:15 pm, ”he reported.

Santigo’s work as a graphic designer was internationally recognized for his works full of Brazilianities represented by vibrant colors, organic features, and simple shapes and natural textures. With a specialization in Art Direction, she worked for a few years with branding focused on fashion, serving major brands.

In 2014, he opened an illustration studio, focusing on editorial illustration, fashion, and advertising. From then on, he developed campaigns for Itaú, Natura, Sesc, Nestlé, Farm, L’Occitane, Havaianas, among others. He debuted in the editorial market illustrating the book “O Sétimo Gato”, which won the writer Luís Fernando Veríssimo the Jabuti Literature Award in the Digital Children category.

The London artist produced important illustrations published in books, national and international magazines, including Superinteressante, Playboy, and Nova Escola. He also signed advertising campaigns for major brands in Brazil and abroad. Among the outstanding works signed by him is the illustration of the cover of the book “Kidbook”, with which he was awarded the Jabuti Prize in 2017. In 2020, the artist returned to be among the finalists of the award with the cover of the book ” Cumarim, the pepper of the kingdom “, authored by Rosane Almeida.

The Londoner also signed the cover of the award-winning book “Mockingbird”, written by Kathryn Erskine. The plot was developed based on the 2002 Virginia Tech University massacre, where 33 people were killed. His portfolio includes the art of Jamaican singer Clinton Fearon’s 12th album and the cover of the novel “A Visão das Plantas”, by Angolan Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida.

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