Government sends $ 500 of the first stimulus check to those who did not receive money for their dependents

If you were one of the people to receive your first stimulus check, but it did not include any of your dependents, be on the lookout for your full money starting this week.

The money will be delivered by direct deposit, by card, or by check through the mail. It should be remembered that the second check has not been sent until the government defines what they want to offer.

As for the first check, Americans who do not normally file taxes had to report their dependents to the government in order to get the full stimulus. Many submitted the information but still did not get their checks. Others, for example, did not report their dependents.

  • That applies to those individuals and couples who are not required to file a tax return and used the IRS undefiled tool to provide information about their qualifying children.
  • If they entered their information before May 17 and did not receive their dependent’s payment, they will receive that money starting this week, according to the IRS.

The IRS Get My Payment tool will allow you to check the status of dependent payments of $ 500. You should also receive a letter in the mail confirming that the payment was issued.

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