If you got up and when you opened Google you have seen that the logo has changed again and you don’t know why here is the answer. The search engine is the most used tool and it is launching different aspects or ‘Doodles’ to commemorate events throughout the year. Today, December 21, two circumstances come together and it is that winter officially begins and a planetary phenomenon known as the ‘Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn takes place.

This circumstance, which will not appear again until 2080, consists of the apparent union of the two largest planets in our solar system, making it appear that they have collided in a single body, despite the fact that they will pass each other 724 million kilometres apart.

How to see the Great Conjunction?

As reported by the communications company itself in collaboration with NASA, you will have to find a high place where the entire sky is visible and with the least possible light distractions. The phenomenon can be seen with the eye itself to the southwest one hour after sunset and it will be possible to see how Jupiter, a kind of star brighter than those that surround it, will join another body for a short period of time to exchange its positions in the heaven after.

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