Gmail, YouTube and all Google services down

Gmail, YouTube, and most Google services appear to be down for all users.

We have found that you cannot log in or receive Gmail messages, talk to Google Assistant devices, or even access YouTube videos.

In addition to us, other users report that they do not have access to their Google accounts or services.

There is still no explanation of what happened on Google or why the accounts are not available. It also affects Google Docs and users’ cloud storage on Google Drive.

You can check the downtime reports on Down Detector , a UK-only website that shows if different services are not available.

There are massive spikes across all Google services at the time of writing this article, even Google Maps.

Could this be an orchestrated attack on one of the Big Tech? Currently, Twitter and Facebook appear to be unaffected.

We will stay on top of this and let you know if we hear any updates from Google. However, it is unlikely to be by email.

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