GI Joe OMG Cause Of Death – What Happened To Him?

Rapper G.I. Joe OMG, also famed for his On My Grind apparel line and label, died at 33.

The death of GI Joe OMG shook the South Central rap scene. Hip-hop legend Nipsey Hussle, who passed away in 2019, was his longtime friend.

“We will miss you. Gi Joe, OMG. I appreciate the serenity your music brought me. Keep the King in peace, “one Twitter user tweeted.

The rapper’s family has not officially disclosed the cause of death as word of GI Joe OMG’s passing spreads, and friends, family, and admirers are expressing their condolences online.

The South Central rapper Joseph was well known for his songs with J Stone and Nipsey Hussle. The two were lifetime friends and had grown up together. They even collaborated on a piece on Nipsey’s 2018 album Mailbox Money.

Joseph started writing and performing songs for his fellow inmates after his previous way of living landed him a sentence in jail. After witnessing music’s transformative power, he decided to dedicate himself to music when he was released.

GI Joe OMG combined jazz, RnB, and hip hop with lyrics rich in storytelling and influenced by the work of 1990s hip hop greats like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Jay-Z.

Head of Hip Hop and R&B at Amazon Music Tim Hinshaw uploaded several images of Joseph as a child and an emotional message. “We are all inconsolable. The family is shocked. It said, “I adore you, cousin.

“I appreciate you always telling me how proud you were of me. When OMG saw you hit those gates, Nip probably yelled “NAYBORHOOD” as loud as he could.

There’s no information accessible regarding G.I. Joe’s OMG net worth.

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