Four Person After Accident Occurred at Rout No-7, Milford

According to the Mild Force, a car crash occurred on Friday in New Milford on Route 7. After the accident, four persons were sent to the hospital. Route 7 is also called Danbury Road and has been blocked for some time.

Cause of Accident, when, and how it happened?

According to New Milford Mayor Pete Bass, four persons were hospitalized due to the three-car collision. But at this time, it is not known how severe the injuries are. The accident was reported to the Milford police department at 2:25p.m. by Lt.. Lee Grabner. He said, “I do not have any names or updates on specific injuries,” Grabner said. After confirming the fatality, he said, “We are trying to reach the family before updating any additional information.”

According to Grabner, the crash reconstruction team from the New Milford Police Department arrived to help with the investigation. According to him, the route was still closed as of 7:25 p.m.

Route 7

Danbury Road, Route 7, is a bustling road that connects the town to the nearby districts. But on a fateful Friday, a horrible three-car collision that injured four people and necessitated the road’s lengthy closure upended that pattern. Locals are encouraged to avoid the area until the incident is investigated and the injured are treated, according to New Milford Mayor Pete Bass’ recommendations in the wake of the tragedy.

The event happened on a Friday afternoon when Route 7 was experiencing its usual volume of traffic. However, the tranquilly of the town was shattered in a matter of seconds by a three-car crash that sent shockwaves through it.

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