Football Club Player, Tim Membrey, Aka ‘stunk,’ Rumoured to Have Attempted Suicide

An Australian Rules football player on the Saint Kilda Football Club team, Tim Membrey, also known as ‘Skunk,’ is rumoured to have committed suicide.

What happened to Tim Membrey?

A wave of shock and concern hit the fans and followers of Tim Membrey when a YouTube channel posted the news about him alleging that he had committed suicide. However, rumours of him ending his life are not true. He is alive.

His team, St. Kilda Football Club, released a statement discarding the rumour and assured fans that Membrey is alive and currently taking some time to deal with a personal health issue.

“Membrey is currently receiving appropriate care and treatment due to a personal health matter.”

Tim Membrey is considered to be struggling with mental health issues and is currently undertaking treatment to get better. In the meantime, Anthony Caminiti will replace him on the team.

The team also requested everyone to respect the Membrey family’s privacy.

Mental health issue is a growing concern in today’s modern world. It is a battle that an individual fights within. In most cases, underlying symptoms remain concealed, making diagnosis very difficult.

The individuals suffering from mental health issues are not aware of their condition in most cases. Their loved one might point out changes in their behaviour, but it remains undiagnosed until it takes its severe form.

It is advised to everyone to reach out to those who might have symptoms of mental health issues. Due to its stigma, individuals suffering from mental health issues often find it hard to seek professional health.

It is very brave of Tim Membrey to get treatment for his condition. Fans and friends have outpored support for him in this crucial time.

Who Is Tim Membrye?

Tim Membrey is a father of two, Wren Scarlet and Beau Hazel Membrey, with his wife, Emily. He was born on May 26, 1994. He graduated from St. Gabriel’s Primary School in Traralgon, Australia. He was a Traralgon Auskick participant, played junior football for Traralgon Football Club, and was a captain of the Gippsland Power.

He played for Sydney Swans from 2013-2014. He was the 46th pick in the Australian Football League Draft 2012. He played 41 games for the Swans and kicked 105 goals for them. He then joined Saint Kilda Football Club in 2015 and has scored 260 goals in 158 games until now. He was a forward on the team. His number was 28. He earned a remarkable name in the world of Australia Rules Football.


Friends and fans have come forward with overwhelming support for their favourite footballer. They have outpoured wishes and prayers for the player’s well-being and good health.

Birgit Shannon wrote,

“I wish you all the best Tim, you are one of my favourite players. Family and health always come first.”

Warren Veneman wrote,

“All the best to you and your family Tim. Your health comes first. Let’s win it for Tim. Go Saints”

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