FaZe Rug’s Cute Dog, Bosley, Pug Died Due to Heart Failure

Brian Awadis, widely known as FaZe Rug, is in great pain as he has lost his cute beloved dog, Bosley. Bosley passed away on 14 November 2023 on Wednesday due to heart failure.

Cause of Bosley’s Death?

According to the available reports, the exact cause of Bosley’s unexpected death is reported as heart failure. This death news of Bosley was shared with the public by his owner, FaZe Rug. He shared this heartbreaking news on his official YouTube channel through a very emotional video he uploaded. He expressed how sad he is after losing his Bosley. He mentioned that the most stressful thing was his death, which suddenly means that there were no signs he was all okay before, but out of nowhere, he had premature heart failure and passed away.
In his video, he mentioned that.

“The worst part is it happened so suddenly,”

“I wasn’t here. I was in Vegas. I had some weird feeling that something was off. I called Dad, and he told me he was returning to Bosley because he looked bad. He told me that he was going to take him to the vet. I took an earlier flight, and when I was boarding, I got a call from my dad, and he was screaming and crying. He said Bosley passed.”

Who was Bosley?

Bosley was a cute little pug, and he was the everyday part of FaZe Rug’s videos; people also started to like and adore him through his videos. One of the reasons for the fame of FaZe Rug videos is his cute pug, which attracted a number of audiences. His cute little fun plays that FaZe used to cover in his videos. At this time, along with FaZe, all his fans are also in deep grief at Such a sudden loss.

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug is a famous YouTuber star. He has About 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

He owns a beautiful and very luxurious house. He is from California, running a robust YouTube channel.

This loss is unrecoverable. Still, we send our condolences to FaZe, who just lost his friend. He has worked a lot hard for what he has right now in his life. He has been running his YouTube channel for a long. His fans are not just his fans but also admire Bosley very much. Along with the FaZe family, his YouTube community is in deep grief.

A bond with a pet is extraordinary. Only those who have a pet in their life, especially a dog or a pug. They are known to be the most loyal pets ever, which is undoubtedly very accurate. At the same time, losing that pet breaks you so badly because, with time, you already have developed a strong bond as FaZe did. So, his pain is understandable.

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