Farel Prayoga Death A Hoax Or Truth? – What Happened?

The teen Banyuwangi singer’s passing has been reported online since October 27, 2022, according to Facebook. The performer of the song “Ojo Dibandingke,” Farel Prayoga, was said to have passed away and been buried in a social media post.

As there has been no formal announcement made by the family or any other reliable source regarding his passing, it appears that this story is false or simply speculation.

Farel was observed appearing in a show on a major television network on November 13, 2022. He appears in a video posted on Indosiar’s YouTube page, looking fit and well-groomed while interacting with the other cast members. It proves that he is, in fact, alive and in perfect health. This information is either bogus or fake.

On August 8, 2010, Farel Prayoga, a singer, was born in Banyuwangi. He frequently performs in several venues and is recognized for his unusual voice. The singer, who is 12 years old, is a sixth-grader at a Banyuwangi school. The third of four kids, Farel.

He began his professional life as a street performer. The stage then started to move from one location to another. Many dangdut singers are frequent collaborators with him, including Yeni Inka, Filla Thalia, Mufly Key, Vita Alvia, and many others.

His performances have consistently earned positive reviews and even received millions of spectators. After he performed Denny Caknan’s song Ojo Dibandingke, his name gained notoriety. Moreover, he is managed by Safari Records, a record label.

Farel debuted the Safari Records profile and released a new single titled Demy Yoker’s Kesucian Ati.

The highest charting position for Farel Prayoga out of his 72 songs is #1, while the lowest ranked is #494. The songs of Farel Prayoga stayed on the charts for six weeks. Farel Prayoga appeared in the Top Chart, ranking the top bands and performers from Indonesia, where he achieved the highest position of 1.

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