Portuguese: Bruno Moura Pereira will have lost control of his high-capacity KTM in a dangerous corner.

Fado singer Ana Moura’s brother died at the end of this Saturday afternoon following the motorcycle crash he was driving in Foros de Valverde, near Coruche, the birthplace of the artist’s family.

 Bruno Moura Pereira will have lost control of his high-displacement KTM in a dangerous corner where road accidents are frequent, and he ended up not resisting his injuries, with the death being declared on the spot.

The current companion traveled with the mortal victim, who suffered serious injuries and was transported to the emergency room of Hospital de Santarém, where he remains hospitalized with injuries at the level of his chest.

 According to the CM, he was able to ascertain, it was the woman, resident in Santarém, who gave the alert for the accident.

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