EXATLON 5 USA: How Much Money Have Athletes Accumulated?

Throughout the fifth season of Exatlon USA, we have seen many difficult moments, numerous injuries, unprecedented situations, athletes suspended, sent off, but at the same time, heart attack competitions and a historic list of awards that total more than one million dollars. In short, there are many reasons that will make the present installment of Exatlon United States one to remember.

The awards that athletes receive

In the Exatlon United States, during the months that the competition seasons last, we are clear that the north of each athlete is to be crowned as the winner and receive the prize of $ 200,000 in cash, but, and above all today, the constant prizes that distributed in each circuit are very attractive and a necessary engine, since the absolute sum once the battle comes to an end will exceed one million dollars.

For this reason, at this point in the competition and both teams exceed $ 100,000 in prizes. On the side of the Famosos, who have remained victorious for several weeks, they add $ 295,000, and the Contestants, despite going through a tough losing streak, have $ 160,000.

The athlete who has raised the most money this time is a woman. It is about the soccer champion Norma Palafox, who already today totals almost $ 50,000.

The awards continue at a particularly key moment in Exatlon USA’s fifth season. With two of the best athletes from Team Famosos suspended, Jacobo García and Jeyvier Cintrón, the situation becomes increasingly difficult for the red team, who faces renewed and driven Competitors with the imminent arrival of one of the best participants of the competition: “The Spanish Superman” Andoni García.

Along with Andoni, three other faces are added to the battle for glory, where there is also a familiar face for the fierce competition, it is Jorge Hugo Giraldo, whom Frederik Oldenburg himself called “a legend” and it is not in vain, the Colombian champion brought Olympic Gold to Colombia and has participated in numerous Olympic games. But it was time to return to the sands to prove to others and to himself what it is made of.

Two ladies also arrive at the Exatlon United States, they are Dania “Nana” Aguillón, a runner recognized as “the fastest woman in Mexico”, and Wilmarie Negrón, a nurse who recently also faced a strong battle, in the line of fire against COVID-19.

The truth is that the cash prizes continue and now the competition will take a new course with the arrival of these four warriors who will now be part of teams already attached, to which they will add their experience, skill, learning, and desire to score points and perhaps be any of them who reach the grand finale of a very exciting and above all very controversial edition.

The Exatlon United States can be enjoyed at 7 pm / 6 pm Central on Telemundo, with special elimination Sundays.

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