Ethan Soriano Death: Cerritos High School Student Died In a Tragic Accident While Playing Basketball

On 4 November 2023 Saturday, Cerritos High School suffered the tragic loss of a beloved student-athlete, Ethan Soriano, who was a 17-year-old student at Cerritos High School and met an accident during his basketball practice at School. The sudden tragedy left the School’s cherished environment in a state of devastation.

What happened to Ethan Soriano?

Ethan Soriano possessed tremendous athletic prowess. The tragic accident occurred when he was doing his basketball practice at Cerritos High School on 4 November. The enthusiastic and captivating performance of Ethan during his practice took a tragic turn, and he suffered a tragic head injury. Ethan was immediately taken to the hospital, where he was admitted to Neurotrauma ICU and was battling with the most challenging time of his life with his family and loved ones around him. Later, it was reported that the 17-year-old Ethan Soriano could not make it to live and died in the hospital.

Ethan Soriano

Ethan Soriano’s full name was Ethan Jaylip Soriano. He was a resident of Cerritos, California. The teenager went to Stowers Elementary and Carmenita Middle School. He was a senior at Cerritos High School, where he was also a basketball ball player and showed his sportsmanship capabilities in the School.

Ethan was a family-oriented young boy who always prioritized his family before anything and shared a beloved bond with his close ones and family. The sudden demise at such a tender age disturbed the family members. Stowers Elementary Magnet PTA has also shared on their Facebook page regarding the passing of Ethan Soriano.


The GoFundMe was started when he was fighting the injury in the ICU to cover the medical bills and other expenses. Still, unfortunately, he died, and the donations will help with the funeral arrangements and other expenses related to his death.

Fundraised: Alison Guzman organized the fund on behalf of Eric Soriano.

Fundraising: 57,191$ has been raised with 753 donations; however, the goal is to reach the 75,000$ target.

Obituary and funeral

Family members will share obituary and funeral arrangements.

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