Erik Roberto Torres and Mayra Torres, The Journey of El Charro Y La Mayrita

The founders of the YouTube channel “El Charro Y La Mayrita” are a young couple named Erik Roberto and Mayra Torres. Erik Roberto Torres and Mayra Torres, also known as “El Charro and La Mayrita,” have been married for ten years. Thanks to their wonderful and inspirational work, thousands of married couples have been inspired to live better lives.

Married Life

Since August 10, 2008, Erik Roberto Torres and Mayra Torres have been wed. The summer of 2007 was the pair’s first meeting. They have been blissfully married ever since and recently celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary.

The Torres couple is also fortunate to have a son named Erik and two daughters, Valentina and Amalia. Currently, the family resides in Texas.

The married couple stages conflicts before deftly resolving them. Their inventive videos have helped them amass a sizable fan base, inspiring numerous married couples to live better lives.

Erik and Mayra have dedicated their lives to singing and sharing their thoughts about marriage and family. They currently reside in Terrell, Texas, with their three children: Valentina, Erik, and Amalia.

After twelve years in the music industry and five recorded albums, Erik Roberto has become one of the most notable artists in Mexican regional music in the United States. However, Erik Roberto’s career is not without its challenges. In a recent video, he portrayed the character of an alcoholic and dishonest man in a real-life scenario involving a divorced couple.

At the end of his videos, Erik offers advice to couples, a typical feature of his content. One video, in particular, recreates a scenario involving a divorced couple, with Erik assuming the character of an alcoholic and dishonest guy while Mayra portrays the lady who chooses to end her relationship.

The video opens with a Mexican musician, a US resident, chatting over the phone about what he thinks a different lady would see. He also claims that his wife won’t ever find out about his infidelity and foolishness since “she’s on the moon,” according to Erik.

It’s important to note that El Charro faced controversy when he referred to Latino neighborhoods as “pulgosos.” Despite his previous apology, the public still holds him accountable for his remarks that were perceived as offensive and hurtful to Mexicans.

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