Emilia Brangefalt’s Death: 21-Year-Old Swedish Trail Runner Passed Away After Committing Suicide

Emilia Brangefalt, a Swedish trail runner, lost her life by committing suicide. It has been reported that she was 21 years old at the time of her death. The sudden death of a young athlete has shattered the global trail running community, as she was the most devoted athletic member.

Who is Emilia Brangefalt?

Emilia was a 21-year-old young Swedish athlete and was the most prominent figure on the global stage. She had significant achievements from her early life. Her exceptional talent as a long-distance athletics and her dedication to sports, made her achieve the bronze medal in the 40 km race in Chiang Mai at the 2022 trail world championships. She had also achieved fifth place in this year’s championship race in Innsbruck. She was at the peak of her career, and her journey as an athlete got deeply disturbed due to her health deterioration.
Emilia’s health struggles

Emilia’s exceptional career was greatly disturbed when she was diagnosed with a high resting heart rate. The health complications resulted in her breaking from her athletic journey. She started to experience physical discomfort, which was accompanied by mental distress. Emilia suffered from a heart rate ranging between 120 and 150 beats per minute at rest, however; after many hospital visits and tests no abnormalities were found which made the situation more challenging for doctors to comprehend her condition.

On November 4th, Emilia shared a heartfelt post on her Instagram in which she shared the challenges she was facing due to her health. Emilia shared that even carrying out simple tasks like walking became painful for her. She also mentioned her wish to continue her athletic journey and also admitted uncertainty about her deteriorated health.

Emilia’s death

The Swedish Athletics Federation on Wednesday evening confirmed that Emilia had passed away earlier this month by taking her own life. He stated that Emilia was in very bad health conditions both physically and mentally. Although, she had good support from her loved ones, but she could not endure and took her life on 13th November 2023. Emilia’s brother revealed that she was about to get psychiatric support on 12 November but could not get it due to a lack of staff.

The club has scheduled to Emilia’s life on Friday at the annual gala.

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