Eliza Fletcher Cause Of Death – What Happened To Her?

The late Joseph Orgill III, a wealthy local businessman and philanthropist well-known in the community had a granddaughter named Eliza Fletcher, who was also well-known there and a junior kindergarten teacher at Memphis’ St. Mary’s Episcopal School. Friday at around 4:00 a.m. local time, Fletcher disappeared.

After she did not return home from her early-morning run on Friday, her family filed a missing person report, offering a $50,000 (£43,330) reward for information leading to the capture of any offenders.

According to cops, Fletcher’s body was discovered just after 5 o’clock on Monday in a deserted duplex unit on Victor Street. As per police records, CCTV footage shows a man approaching her and engaging in physical conflict before driving Ms. Fletcher into a black SUV.

She was kidnapped early Friday morning while jogging close to the University of Memphis campus. A 38-year-old guy named Cleotha Abston is accused of kidnapping and murdering the victim.

The cause of death and how it occurred is still unknown. Investigators said that their mobile phone records showed Abston’s phone was close to the location where Fletcher was allegedly forced into the car.

With a $510,000 bond, Abston was held in county jail on Tuesday for the initial accusations. According to Mulroy, the district attorney, he will be charged with first-degree murder, premeditated murder, and murder while committing a kidnapping. He will be arraigned on these accusations on Wednesday.

According to court documents, Abston completed his jail term for an aggravated kidnapping more than 20 years ago.

Fletcher’s family expressed gratitude for all the messages of support and sympathy they received in a statement. We are incredibly appreciative of the persistent efforts made by local, state, and federal law enforcement to locate her and put the perpetrator of this terrible act to justice.

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