El Noba Cause Of Death: What Happened To Him?

This Friday at noon, Lautaro Coronel, better known as “El Noba”, a renowned 25-year-old cumbia singer, who had suffered a traffic accident in Florencio Varela on May 24, died and was fighting for his life. The singer was being treated at the El Cruce – Néstor Kirchner high-complexity center, where the medical staff did everything possible to keep him alive.

The musician had been hit by a car while driving in the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varela, from which he was a native.

“After completing the evaluations required for certification, We regret to report the death of Lautaro Coronel, who remained hospitalized in the Adult Intensive Care Unit of our hospital. We accompany the family at this time, ”said the medical statement. After the confirmation of the news, social networks were filled with messages of sadness.

“Friday, June 3, 1:00 p.m. From the management of the High Complexity Hospital in Red El Cruce, Dr. Nestor Carlos Kirchner reports: After carrying out the evaluations required for his certification, we regret to report the death of Lautaro Coronel, who remained interned in the Adult Intensive Care Unit of our institution, since May 24, 2022. We accompany the family at this time and in their pain, “says the center’s statement.

El Noba died today

El Noba suffered a traffic accident on May 24, he was on a motorcycle and hit a car. He suffered severe polytrauma, mainly to the skull, and was in a coma and on assisted breathing.

What is El Noba’s real name?

Although he was recognized as El Noba, his name was Lautaro Coronel.

How was the El Noba accident

The Noba, according to two witnesses, was driving his motorcycle doing maneuvers, when he was hit by a white Peugeot 308


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