Edson Montenegro Died: How Did The Actor Die?

Montenegro was hospitalized at the Paulista Hospital, in Bela Vista (central region of SP), since March 12

The actor Edson Montenegro, died, this Saturday night (20), at the age of 63, in São Paulo, where he had been hospitalized since March 12 after contracting Covid. The information was confirmed by Hospital Paulistano and the actor’s agent, Ivan Marques.

Known for his performance in the film “Cidade de Deus” (2002), in which he played Dito – father of the protagonist “Buscapé” (Alexandre Rodrigues) -, Montenegro was interned at the Paulista Hospital, in Bela Vista (central region), since the day March 12 after experiencing the first symptoms of the disease.

According to Ivan Marques, the actor’s picture went crazy and he needed to be intubated and taken to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). “On the 15th, his condition worsened, his lung involvement reached 55%, and he had to be intubated. Unfortunately, he suffered a cardiac arrest and could not resist.”

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