Dr. Jared Wilson’s Wife Caitlyn Passed Away After Childbirth

HEARTBREAKING STORY RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. A mom dies after giving birth to her second son.

About the incident

Jared Wilson is a second-year anesthesia resident in Buffalo who tragically lost his wife, Caitlyn, before Christmas day. She had complications from the birth of their second son.

He is now a single parent of two boys under two and does not have a family. Caitlyn passed away on Dec 22 and left behind her boys and husband, whom she loved more than anything. The community is in deep sadness due to this immense loss.

Jared Wilson never expected that he would go alone with his newborn son Gabriel without his wife. On Dec 12, he dropped his wife, who was 27 years old at that time, at the hospital in Buffalo, New York, for her induction. He dropped, then went home to care for their 1-year-old son Lincoln.

Later on, he joined his wife. Everything seemed well at that time. She got her epidural around 1 a.m., and the OB resident walked in to break her water.

Caitlyn married Jared Wilson on Dec 31, 2019; she proudly had two sons who were her pride and joy. Her biggest passion was to be the best mother for her sons. She followed Jared to the end of the earth to pursue his medical career.

Wilson recalls and issues the statement.

“Positioning-wise, we hadn’t been given any red flags. He’d come out just fine,” “But when the resident broke her water and was trying to help position him, his arm was somewhat above his face, in a raised position, and directly behind it was the umbilical cord.”

He further added

“She swooped one or the other and it resulted in his arm coming out into the birth canal and the cord getting pinched between his neck and his head and the wall as the fluid drained out. That leads to a condition called uterine cord prolapse, which has a really, really high mortality rate [for the baby] because he immediately starts to suffocate.”

Jared Wilson, now left alone with his two sons, shared his feelings after losing his wife through her social media post.


After this unspeakable tragedy, a GoFundMe has been set up to help Jared and his two babies.

Donations: 3K donations

Founded by: Bailee Walther is organizing this fundraising

Fundraising: USD 182,664 was raised. However, the goal is USD 250,000

Jared is working hard to finish his residency and trying to become the best father for his sons. Jared’s sons are growing so fast that they always miss their mother. Jared shared that his son remembers her mother and knows her sacrifice and love for them. He further said that his sons know their mother is in heaven.

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