Dr. Atamjit Gill Death and Obituary: What Happened?

Dr. Atamjit, an acclaimed Surgeon in gynaecology and urology, sadly and unexpectedly passed away on Friday, Sep 15, 2023, and has left Newfoundland and Labrador reeling.

He was the greatest asset in medicine. The world has lost the most caring and compassionate man. His death was announced through a lengthy social media post by Sean Allman.

The exact cause behind his sudden demise is not publicly revealed. Still, all his loved ones including colleagues, students and patients, are in utter shock and grief after acknowledging his passing.

The family will post Specifics about the funeral shortly when they finalize them.

About Dr Atamjit Gill:

Dr. Atamjit Gill has provided countless women in Newfoundland with gynaecologist care while maintaining a high level of respect and expertise for a long time.

Due to his skills and dedication, he rose to fame and became one of the best in his field. Dr Gill was a competent surgeon with a vast knowledge and combination of gynaecological and urology expertise, enabling him to treat various medical conditions related to women’s health.

Dr. Gill was very much loved and highly respected among his peers. The nurses and other doctors spoke of him like he was a living legend.

For twenty years of charity healthcare worldwide, he has helped thousands of people regain their lives from debilitating and horrendous afflictions.

His humble and warm nature was surprising; it belied instant friendship, and you could feel how much he cared about his patients and staff—a true hero to inspire a generation.

Dr. Atamjit Gill made a huge contribution to women’s health in our around the world. Instrumental in launching women’s health at Team Broken Earth in Bangladesh and beyond.


Everybody is pouring their heartfelt condolences and tributes to the best Uro/Gynecological Surgeon, Dr Atamjit Gill, on their social media and praying for his afterlife.

Karen Moore wrote,

“Shock and utter disbelief with the sudden passing of Dr. Atamjit Gill.The world has lost the most caring and compassionate man. I hope all who trained under him will remember his beautiful bedside manner and extend to their patients going forward. He was humble and brilliant, the most genuine person you could ever meet. He was my dear friend and my heart aches that he has left this world. Both my girls were his patients – delivering their babies then followed by years of gyne checks. He is irreplaceable. He is our dear friend and our hearts hurt deeply with his sudden passing. I hope his family takes a little comfort in knowing how much he was truly loved by all who had the special privilege of knowing him. You will be greatly missed forever Dr. Gill.”

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