Doug Mattis Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

Doug Mattis, a PSA Master Rated choreographer in figure skating, sadly passed away. After a chronic illness, he passed away on Thursday, February 9, 2023. Doug was 56 years old. His 26-year ice skating career was successful.

Services for the deceased could be revealed later. Everyone, including friends and family, is missing Doug, remembering him, paying respect to him on social media, and expressing their sympathies.

“I recently found out about the death of a good, lifelong friend. Doug Mattis and I have been friends for more than 40 years, and he has always been to me like a brother. He was a shining light for the globe, and he will be sorely missed. I lack the words to adequately convey my anguish. To his mother and family, my love and prayers. Peace be with you, dear friend.”

Doug Mattis revealed his sexual orientation to the figure skating community in 1994 by skating two exhibition pieces at the Gay Games in New York City.

Many of Christopher Nolan’s most well-known shows, like “The Imitation Number,” were choreographed by him. He participated in the cast of “Southern Ice,” a production that took place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, between March and December of 2000.

He won the U.S. Open and the American Open seven times after making the United States International Figure Skating Team. He was aiming to achieve his dream of being a writer.

He has had the good fortune to publish essays and short stories throughout his twenty-year writing career, in addition to working as a writer for both Universal Studios and Disney. He recently concluded his Master of Business Administration degree program at the University of Phoenix and worked as a freelance skate choreographer. He assisted in the creation of an online competition for skaters called “The Young Artists Showcase.”

He has a wide range of experience and a multicolored background! It was amazing to go on tour, perform, engage with the media, and appear in TV shows. Meanwhile, he pursued a writing profession. He had been lucky enough to write for Universal Studios and Disney for the past twenty years, in addition to publishing essays and short tales.

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