Dolly Gayatri Accident Video Viral On Social Media

Malayalam Actress Gayathri Suresh Viral Accident Video – Actress Gayatri Suresh apologized after the video went viral?

Hello friends, for your information, let us tell you that last night i.e. on October 17, 2021, a high-speed car of Malayalam actress Gayatri Suresh hit many vehicles, the car that was hit was being driven by a friend of Gayatri Suresh.

After being hit by Gayatri’s car, she and her car were surrounded by the people located there, while some people located there made a video of the whole incident, which is now going viral on social media.

Malayalam Actress Gayathri Suresh Viral Accident Video.

In the video going viral on social media, it can be clearly seen that people surrounded her car and created a ruckus, after some time Malayalam actress Gayatri Suresh gets out of the car after seeing the ruckus increasing. Apologizing to people with folded hands. The people present on the occasion told that the person who was driving the car was intoxicated. When people reached for name from that person, he changed his name to Jishin. After this whole incident, actress Gayatri Suresh apologized by sharing a video on her official Instagram account and clarified the whole thing.

Shared video, apologized

Malayalam actress Gayatri Suresh shared a video on her official Instagram account, in which she is saying, a video of me has gone viral on social media. Many people have been asking me about this by messaging and calling. I am sharing this video so that it does not have any bad effects in the future.

She further told- We were going to Kakkanad when there was a car in front. When he tried to overtake him, suddenly another car came in front and got into an accident.

The side mirror of the car was bad, so nothing could be understood. We made the mistake that due to the fear of stopping there, we pushed the car forward.

I am an actress when they saw me in the car we got scared about how we will face people. Similarly, she has said many things in her video. Let’s say she did Karinkunnam Six, Same Face, A Mexican Aparatha, Com, Varnathil Asanka, Se has worked in films like Naam and Children Park. His upcoming films include Escape, Forge, and Lover. To read the latest news related to the country and the world stay with us

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