Does Makhadzi Die? South African Singer Alleged Facebook Post About Suicide

Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, also known as Makhadzi, is a famous South African singer born on 30 June 1996 in the village of Ha-Mashamba in Limpopo. Makhadzi has a strong family background in music, which played an integral role in making her career in music.

Makhadzi started her career as a dancer at the age of 12, but later, she transformed her career in music by demonstrating her exceptional musical talent. In 2015, Makhadzi signed her first contract with Rita Dee Entertainment and released her first music album, “Muhwalo Uya Ndemela”.
In 2017, her famous release, “Tshanda Vhuya”, was the biggest hit and made her recognized worldwide by huge appreciation from her fans. In 2019, she released her album “Matorokisi”, which earned the second spot, while in 2020, her famous release, “Kokovha”, secured the number-one spot in South Africa. The talent she showed through her music albums with her distinctive style resulted in her glorified future.

Makhadzi is at her peak of success and has been actively contributing to her music journey, but since Friday, the tragic news regarding Makhadzi’s Suicide has been circulating on the internet, which sparked serious concerns from the South African music community and her loved ones.

How did the rumor spread?

Makhadzi’s death has been the topic of concern nowadays as the fans are curious to know the credibility of her death rumor. According to some reports, on Friday night, makhadzi posted on her Facebook story which stated that “she is going to end her life and no one contact her as no one will answer”. The story was then screenshot by many people and had been taking rounds on different platforms.

After further investigation, it was identified that the post of the Makhadzi suicide news was deleted, which then sparked concern about the authenticity of the news. The silence from Makhadzi creates a complexity of the matter as no information has been posted regarding the confirmation of her death.

The truth behind her death news

The complexity of the matter becomes a relieved for the South African music community when Makhadzi posted on her Instagram account, which reflected that she is still alive and doing well. Makhadzi’s close friend Dj Zonzo SA also posted on Saturday to clarify the rumored spread. She stated that she is still alive and her official Facebook account was hacked, which caused the rumor to spread.

The incident shattered everyone and made the situation complex due to the unauthorized information. It is necessary to first confirm the credibility of the news for the celebrity before spreading the false news, as the news of someone’s death is crucial.

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