Although there are many more dishes that surround this celebration, we will tell you the origin of this tradition and how to prepare it at home

Few celebrations in the United States are important and so deeply rooted as Thanksgiving, known as Thanksgiving Day, permission – with, always, for Halloween or own Christmas -. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November (this week) and it is a day in which loved ones gather around the table to enjoy a hearty dinner that they have been preparing until two and three days before. And no matter where they are, Americans are capable of crossing their entire country to attend this essential appointment on the family agenda. This year, surely, the meetings will be more limited, but it is a good excuse to, at least, give a tribute in petit committee.


The origins of this festival date back to 1621, when the first settlers arrived aboard the Mayflower and collided with the coasts of the United States, specifically with the city of Plymouth in Massachusetts. The story tells us that that winter was especially difficult and that, therefore, the Indians lent all their help to these new neighbors to survive in inhospitable and unknown lands.

Despite the harshness of the time, the corn harvest was very abundant and these pioneers decided to organize a great appreciation party. They invited a group of indigenous people, who participated with them in the preparation of various games, races, and, of course, is a great meal in which there was no shortage of cornbread, vegetables, venison, duck, fish, and the wild turkey. The latter, with the passage of time, ended up becoming the true protagonist of the party.

turkey is cooked on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Celebration Tradition Family Dinner Concept. family having holiday dinner and cutting the turkey. Young black adult woman and her daughter happy.


The main dish, without a doubt, is turkey. Stuffing is prepared and, although there are thousands of ways to do it, there is a recipe that can be considered the most classic in the United States: based on bread cut into squares, celery, onion, sage, and thyme (or some other similar aromatic plant), ingredients that are sautéed in the pan with a little butter or margarine. However, there are more European versions that mix it with pine nuts, walnuts, chestnuts, or other dehydrated fruits, such as grapes, prunes, or dried apricots. There are even those who fill it with chicken livers and sausages. These, above all, are made for Christmas.

Also, for this day’s menu to be complete, you can’t miss corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, the famous cranberry sauce, steamed vegetables, French onions, halved potatoes topped with sour cream, bacon and chives. . As a first course, a soup is usually served and, as a dessert, pumpkin pie is usually not missing. Sounds appetizing right? Why don’t you give yourself a tribute? Thus, you practice for the banquets that await us this next month.

Thanksgiving dinner
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