Devin Sheehy Obituary: What Was His Cause of Death?

Devin Sheehy, the CEO of the Atlas Tattoo Company, passed away, and the Atlas Tattoo Company shared the sad news of his death on Facebook.

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that we are announcing the passing of the shop owner, Devin Sheehy. Devin was a 27-year industry veteran, a great boss, a wonderful father, and a friend. The Atlas was the culmination of his life’s work as an artist, and sadly it is coming to an end. We will be open this final week from 11/15 to 11/19, and after that, the Atlas will close its doors.”

At this point, it’s unclear what will happen with the shop, but we’ll do our best to keep everyone informed. We intend to carry out our best practices during our final week of operation. We’d appreciate you stopping by to say hello and take it all in. Thanks to everyone for their incredible support over the years, both for the company and us.

We also thank Devin Sheehy, the man, for guiding us and providing us with an opportunity to succeed in this field. You frequently cracked a joke about being “Immortal until proven differently.” That sentiment is confirmed by your family, heritage, and art. You’ll be missed, old man. I adore you. – Hayley, Tony, and Jack

The precise reason for the death is still a mystery. The moment his passing was acknowledged, everyone was in shock and mourning. On social media, people paid him honor, expressed their sorrow, and remembered him in their prayers.

Devin was a great father and boss and worked in the industry for 27 years. The Atlas represents the apex of his artistic career. From November 15 to November 19, the Atlas Tattoo Company will conduct its last week of operations before closing its doors permanently.

Although it is difficult to know what will happen with the store, the owners vowed to do their best to notify clients. They intend to perform our best practices throughout this, our final week of operation, at least temporarily.

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